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Welcome To Me!

  Howdy there! My name's Mason C. Hardison, or more commonly known as "Chaoko"! After 5 years of making art on and for the internet I finally decided "ya know what, maybe I should make myself a site so people who don't pay attention to me in one place but do another won't have an excuse for not noticing something I put in the place I don't look", because here is where EVERYTHING is located and will be put, if not at least link to everything else!   As of this post, the site is still under construction, and new areas will be added the more work I do. Check back here every now and then if ya wanna see what's new with me, or do that subscribing thing this site has. I don't know how it works, I think it's through email? I guess if you do that they'll just keep putting me in your mailbox or something, not sure why you'd want that but the option is there.   Also, the cat you see above is my mascot the Coconut Cat, but people have