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Email: "chaoko.business@gmail.com"
Discord: chaokocartoons
Twitter: @CHAOKOCartoons

 Freelance Status:


Software Skills:

Clip Studio Paint, Moho 12, Toon Boom, OpenToonz, 3DSMax, Blender, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sony Vegas, After Effects, Godot, Unity, Unreal Engine, Paint Tool Sai, Fire Alpaca, Gimp 2, Pyxel Editor, Spriter Pro, 001 Game Creator, Clickteam Fusion 2.5



For other types of commissions such as 3d, animation, ect or for more "mature" ones, please ask me directly via email or discord!

Animation Commissions (Base Rate)

$25 Per Hour of Work

  • Keep in mind for 2D that I am an action/fast movement/exaggerated expression based specialist. Requesting a background, effect based, or a non-animation friendly design (spotted characters, detailed patterns, ect) may sharply increase my hours of work.
  • Roughs, Inks, Colors, and fully shaded animation all falls under this category for 2D. I will give an estimate of how much time a job will take before I begin and that will be the fee you are charged.
  • Should you request I make changes or I go well overtime I may ask for a compensation fee according to the un-calculated time. This is something I wish to avoid for both parties.

Commercial Use Info:

    Under no circumstances may any of my commissions be used for commercial means unless you approach me about it and confirm that it is clear with me. If I am not given a cut of the profits made on the media my commission is used in, which I likely would not ask unless my work occupies a lot of the project itself, I will instead ask for a flat fee to compensate for the money I would be missing out on. This can range from $50 to anywhere in the 100's depending on the media and where it's being distributed. If my work is used in said commercial project, I require that my name be credited somewhere visible within the media.
   Should you fail to ask, credit, and/or pay the fee, you can expect legal issues to come your way.


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