AKBSouthpaw/Diggy Huskey Monthly Showcase 8/31/18

Some of you may not know this, but I've been posting game development progress for AKB: Southpaw, my Punch-Out inspired game with animal stereotypes instead of cultural ones (but still some cultural stereotypes), as well as a new Diggy Huskey game on my main and art twitter over the past 2 months or so. Since they've been minor additions each time, I didn't feel it necessary to make a journal for each one, so I've now decided I'll be showing all the progress so far in monthly updates!

AKB: Southpaw

As it stands, the game is currently in a playable state! I'm working on making the final assets for Blu E's fights such as Blu E's sprites, the ring, the ref, the portraits, ect. There's a few placeholder assets still visible in this presentation, so expect some things to change in the final version.
I originally planned on making the animations  smooth and completely frame-by-frame, but I quickly realized this would be too much work for more than even one person to handle, and it wouldn't feel as satisfying if the motions didn't look snappy. So, like the original Arcade and 2D punchout games before it, as well as many modern fighting games, AKB: Southpaw's animations will contain only necessary keyframes and get right to the point. That said, some of what you see here may still have room for improvement, and may be added to by the time the game is finalized.

Diggy Huskey 2019 (Placeholder Title)

Originally that concept art for a potential redesign of Diggy was just a hypothetical brainstorming of figuring out a game concept that would work, but after some brainstorming with friends I managed to mix together a collection of ideas that created a concept I hadn't considered before: A puzzle platformer/crafting game.

Considering Diggy is technically still a construction worker even after the first game and the whole "eco friendly/balance of nature" theme, I thought a game about Diggy building and fixing things would be quite interesting. In this game, Diggy will be standing, as the game does not require as dynamic platforming or action. It's been decided that this Diggy, while still technically in the same universe, is a different line of games than the ones where Diggy is on all fours. Assuming this game gets fully fleshed out, I will want to go back and forth between Diggy games.

The concept of the game will be quite simple and probably won't be very long. The game will still have some kind of combat and bosses, but it'll be a bit more think-y this time around and utilize the building system. It won't be required to beat all levels and beat the game, but there are unique collectables per area and secret areas to find. There may also be a bonus boss for 100%-ing the game.
That's all for now! Remember, if ya wanna stay up to date, keep track of the #AKBSouthpaw Hashtag and #DiggyHuskey Hashtag's on twitter! Or just follow my main twitter: @CHAOKOCartoons for anything I do or say, or @ChaokatBon that just retweets my art and game work so you don't have to deal with my bunk.