AKB Underdog Delay, Full Demo Dropping Soon!

Hello everyone! Shortly after the game's April Fools demo was dropped, I began lose all motivation for making the game for a large period of time, practically the entire last 3 months, due to personal reasons and the way I was worried people saw the game. However, I can safely say that said feelings are mostly behind me now, and I've found new joy in working on the game on my own and being more quiet about the game's development, letting me fully enjoy the progress in my own time! I've spent the past week or two working on the game, and have now gotten it to the point where it's full demo (the entire first circuit) is JUST about ready to be released! However, due to recent events and commissions that needed time priority to attend to, I unfortunately couldn't finish everything I needed to for the demo by the 4th of July, the original intended release date of the game.

That said, I only need to finish tweaking the fights a bit, making some menu and UI stuff, and buffing out the save system so it won't take me too long at all! I will be dropping the full demo in 1-2 weeks or sooner. As for the full game, I may not always be quite as motivated as I am now through the whole games development, but it's looking like the game will still be finished by the end of the year, possibly within the next 3-4 months. I don't want to give an exact release date like I did last time however to avoid dissapointment in case the game needs more time, something goes wrong, or I end up releasing it even faster than I had forseen. Until then thank you for your extended patience. I promise that this series will indeed see the light of day, and that I will try to make it as polished as I can. (though I'd rather not spend TOO much time on it, I still want to get to the sequel at some point, which was supposed to be the first game anyway!)