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AKBSouthpaw/Diggy Huskey Monthly Showcase 8/31/18

Some of you may not know this, but I've been posting game development progress for AKB: Southpaw, my Punch-Out inspired game with animal stereotypes instead of cultural ones (but still some cultural stereotypes), as well as a new Diggy Huskey game on my main and art twitter over the past 2 months or so. Since they've been minor additions each time, I didn't feel it necessary to make a journal for each one, so I've now decided I'll be showing all the progress so far in monthly updates! AKB: Southpaw As it stands, the game is currently in a playable state! I'm working on making the final assets for Blu E's fights such as Blu E's sprites, the ring, the ref, the portraits, ect. There's a few placeholder assets still visible in this presentation, so expect some things to change in the final version. I originally planned on making the animations  smooth and completely frame-by-frame, but I quickly realized this would be too much work for more