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AKB: Southpaw/Underdog Monthly Update! (September 2018)

Heya guys! Back again with another monthly update! This month has been quite busy for me with both commissions, getting a new job, getting a vehicle, and getting ready to move out, but work got done none the less! AKB: Southpaw   Due to the engine originally being used for Southpaw not being strong enough to handle all the frames of animation, quality, and resolution size of the assets of the game, I've decided that development for the game can no longer be done in that engine. After starting to put in Blu E's finalized animations, the game ran into a similar issue I had before separating the round intermissions into their own level file: Flickering/disappearing visuals and assets. From this point on, AKB: Southpaw is now being developed in Unity with C# coding. Since I am not a coder by nature, this transfer is going to be quite difficult, but so far it's proven to definitely be possible. In light of this, the Demo for Southpaw has been pushed back to an unknown d